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Remember what the great American novelist Mark Twain said about travel:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Welcome to the Roadkill Travel Club. Together we can travel the world, meet new people, experience new things. The purposes of this club is to bring people together to experience travel. On this website we plan to provide information and inspiration for people who want to get together for rewarding holidays and trips away. Travel is better together!



4 of the World’s Best Gourmet Food Destinations

Imagine this: you wake up one morning and you’re given the chance to go to seven places in the world – where would those places be? Well, if you’re a foodie who has been dreaming of eating at the best gourmet destinations in the world but unsure where to start (or if you have not seen an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s hit TV show yet), you might want to read this very helpful article.
Yes. We are going to count down some of the best places in the whole wide world where you can really enjoy that gastronomic treat!

south of france gourmet restaurants

The South of France

Besides the food, there really is no good reason why this wonderful patch on God’s green earth should not be included in anyone’s list of places to go to. But let’s focus on just the food for now shall we? The reason why this paradise is such a big hit among foodies like Julia Child and so many other chefs is because of the fresh ingredients they put in their dishes – whether local or imported. Regional wines, fruits, French baked bread, and the delectable French butter – what more will you want during a lazy afternoon?

Restaurants to Visit: Restaurant de Bacon, Mirazur, Les Terraliers

Padstow, Cornwall, England

Cornwall is possibly the most photogenic place in the world. But little do people know (and they get really surprised when they visit this part of Great Britain), it also boasts of amazing culinary prowess as well. Found in the Southern tip of England, most of Cornwall is surrounded by the sea. That means amazing fish and seafood which will be served on your plate a few minutes after it has been caught. But wait, there’s more. With their organic beef and meat products, you can just imagine why Cornish pasties are so famous all around the globe. And the Artisan cheeses are really something anyone should try. Padstow is central to the food scene in this area and many Padstow restaurants offer the best Cornish dining experiencing for locals and visiting holidaymakers.

Restaurants to Visit: Cherry Trees Coffee House, The Seafood Restaurant, The Ivy House Restaurant

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Some people think that if they have been to one Asian country for a food adventure, they have been to the others. But that is so wrong – so, so wrong!!! Each Asian nation has something to boast about when it comes to food. But we’re including Vietnam in this list because nothing else could be so simple yet amazingly arresting to the taste. Then there is the fact that their food has been influenced by the French when they came to the country centuries ago. It’s so amazing that it has not ruined the local flavor but, instead, added to it.

Restaurants to Visit: La Villa French Restaurant, Ciao Bella, Hum Vegetarian Café and Restaurant — better yet, visit the sidewalk / street cafes for authentic Vietnamese dishes

New York City, United States of America

There was a comedian joking about the lack of food culture in America. It’s all about hamburgers and cheese dogs – the character in his skit said – where’s the culture in that? That’s arguable, of course. But there is nothing arguable about the fact that New York City is definitely the haven of chefs from around the world. In fact, one can even say that it is the culinary hub of the whole world. There are some wonderful places to eat in New York City. It’s possibly because of the different people who have flocked to this city which never sleeps. Asians, South Americans, Polynesians, Europeans – well they are all here!!! And they have something to share in terms of their food.

Restaurants to Visit: Every street you will walk on will definitely have something to offer you in terms of gastronomic treats – and we’re not joking.

Best Tourism Spots in France For a Family Vacation

Are you planning your family vacation already? Get your tickets to France, one place where heritage, cultural richness and natural beauty abounds. There are 27 French sites classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their relevance to culture and heritage of French people. For most tourist sites, people on their family tour will have headsets. Guides will explain what to see and what their significance is.

Romance, art and culture fills everyone and everything in France. It has a good number of fabulous restaurants. Family vacations to France must include some moments when you get to see its monuments. Monuments of France include the following:


Necropolis of great men such as Voltaire, Hugo, Mirabeau, Rousseau and Zola among others. A must visit place for tourists travelling to France.

Eiffel Tower

It stands tall at 307m, Eiffel Tower is a masterpiece made of iron sections joined to each other. Built in 1889, it is symbolic of France and offers a splendid view of Paris up to 75 km distance.



One of the oldest monuments, the Obelisque has hieroglyphics and is 33 centuries old.

Arc de Triomphe

Considered the most significant monument on the Historic axis, Arc de Triomphe represents the patriotism and the victory of the soldiers who fought for France. Tourists will find the names of the Generals along with wars they fought inscribed on this monument. The Eternal Flame burns underground in memory of the Unknown Soldier. A truly outstanding structure worthy of visit on your family vacation to France.

Pont du Gard

France has links to Roman Empire and its evolution. This monumental bridge Pont du Gard highlights this connection showing how Romans considered France an important part of their empire.

Nimes Arena

Well-preserved Roman amphitheater, Nimes Arena is comparable if not better than the Colosseum. The tourists experience a truly realistic experience of what spectators would have felt making this place one of the best places for a visit with your family.

Mont St. Michel

You could say this is the best attraction for tourists to France. It is a whole medieval town on top of a hilly terrain fully surrounded by battlement walls. At the top of the rocky settlement, one finds a medieval church. The Romanesque street leads to this church from the outer edges of the town. Do not miss this out on your family tour.

Place des Vosges

Oldest in Paris, this royal square was the meeting place of elegant people and middle class. It dates back to the 17th century.

Castles, Palaces and Museums


This castle built during the Roman era has fairytale like quality and innumerable features like the fortified double walls over a length of 3 kilometers along with 52 towers. Families can spend an entire day marveling at the tourist attractions inside the castle.

Musee du Louvre

Tourists will find this museum in a 12th century fort that they later converted into a palace. It has a varied collection of art, artifacts and sculptures. Some of the pieces are more than 2000 years old. If you are going to visit this museum with your family, better budget at least two days as there is plenty to see.

Palace of Versailles

Lastly, you see the most important insight into exuberance of wealth and style of French Monarchy brought out by those elegant furniture, exquisite antiques, stunning art pieces alongside sprawling gardens. Best of all palaces is Palace of Versailles, resplendent with gold ornamentation and crystal chandeliers. A spectacular sight for you on your family tour of France.

Other Sites You Must Visit in France

Luxembourg Gardens

Famous tourist relaxation spot, Luxembourg Gardens previously permitted only royalty. There is no entrance fee and is now open to all.


Tourists find hundreds of things to do at Cannes. Shopping on Rue d’Antibes, picnicking on the Iles de Lerins, visiting the musee de la Mer or trying your luck at Palm Beach Casino, Cannes has plenty of exciting things for the tourists. Hosts Cannes Film Festival most revered by film goers and filmmakers alike its only rival the Oscars held at Hollywood.

Ideal for family tours with plenty of restaurants and art places, France offers tourists splendid value for their time. Begin your holiday to France at once and regale in its luxurious offerings.

Best Sea Views in Canada

One of the little known facts about Canada is that it has one of the longest coastlines in the world. With over 260,000 kilometres of coastlines, Canada offers you some of the most exciting sea views and scenic shorelines on the planet. From Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, you can enjoy amazing sea views directly from the beach or from a cottage, a luxurious inn or a rental home nearby. Out of all the great places where you can have splendid sea views, here are the ones you should visit first.

Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Island

If you love watching whales, the Chesterman Beach is a great place to see at least four different whale species including: the minke, orca, grey, and humpback whales. Once in a while a massive blue whale may even show up. Apart from whales, you will see a wide expanse of white sand that extends for about 3 kilometres. This is the sandbar that separates the North Beach and South Beach and extends to Frank Island. Chesterman Beach is a great place for surfing in summer and storm-watching during winter. It’s a brief walk from the Chocoloate Tofino store and the popular Tofitian Expresso House. For a vacation stay there are some awesome holiday cottages by the sea. You may even like to book a rental home or enjoy luxurious vacation accommodation at the Chateaux Wickaninnish Inn.

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks provides dramatic scenery of rocks and shorebirds. Located in Rocks Provincial Park in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswich, these ancient rock formations have the highest sea tides on earth. This shoreline attains a tide of up to 14 metres in height. You can see the rocks created by the tide of the Bay of Fundy. They provide a place for kayakers to meander and enjoy their sport. But towards the end of July, you can see over a million shorebirds at Hopewell Rocks. These birds undertake a migration of about 4,000 kilometres south and stop here at the end of summer.

Hopewell Rocks in Canada
Hopewell Rocks in Canada by tango7174, Creative Commons

Sandbanks Provincial Park, Burgeo, Newfoundland

If you love nature and you are looking for a beachfront that will provide stunning views of water, rock, vegetation and wildlife, you should visit the Sandbanks Provincial Park. This place is serene and beautiful. It’s a bird watcher’s heaven, with thousands of plovers and sandpipers available to see. You can also catch a glimpse of the sprawling Annieopsquotch Mountains. One of the unique features of this beach is the amazing flow of salt water and fresh water. When the tide is high, salt water flows to the Grepesy Brook en route to the Heron Pond. But at low tide, you can see fresh water flowing down the same brook into the ocean.

Long Beach Tofino, British Columbia

Here is another place where you can enjoy eye-popping scenic sea views. Whale watching and storm-watching are among the major attractions at this beachfront. Every year, thousands of grey whales migrate to this coast in spring and summer. In fact, you can participate in whale-watching tours from Ucluelet and Tofino. However, since this area is a temperate rainforest, blessed with plenty of rain, the best time to visit is between July and September. Long Beach is actually the lengthiest sandy beach in the Vancouver Island with over 16 kilometres of sand within the stunning environment of the Pacific Rim Park. When you come to this beach, you can also indulge yourself a bit at the elegant Wickaninnish Inn.

Mortinique Beach, East Petpeswick, Nova Scotia

Mortinique is a very beautiful beach with rather loud waves and a really gorgeous expanse of sandy shorelines that are great for surfing, beachcombing and swimming. You have about five kilometres of beach for playing, picnics and barbecue. In addition, this particular beach is home for varied species of birds, including the piping plover which enjoys special protection in this area. As you enjoy the scenic view of the sea, you may also be greeted by a friendly seal that may show up occasionally on the shoreline. Also, if you love diving, you will enjoy this beach because the temperature of the water usually rises to as much as 18 degrees Celsius.

Singing Sands Beach, Prince Edward Island

Singing Sands Beach is a distinct part of over 800 kilometres of beaches available on Prince Edward Island. This amazing beach, located about 93 km east of Charlottetown, makes a unique squealing sound when you walk on it or when the wind blows. Although scientists and tourism officials are still searching for the main cause of this strange sound, it is a great place to visit. As you enjoy the swishing sound made by the finely textured quartz beach sand, you will also enjoy the warm water which can attain a temperature of up to 21 degrees Celsius. This beach is part of the Basin Head Provincial Park and is currently available for day-use during summer.

Go Explore… Discover Your Own Canadian Beauty Spots

Those are some of the beaches that offer you the best sea views in Canada. The best time to visit this beaches is usually between July and September. You will enjoy the warmth of the sea and the view of the high tide at its peak. These beaches also offer great opportunities for exciting family games, surfing, swimming and other water sports.

Cornwall is a Must-See Travel Location

With its stunning seaside towns with pretty coastal cottages, excellent sandy beaches, awe-inspiring high cliffs, deserted moors and rich green countryside to uncover, Cornwall is a must-see travel and holiday destination. It is a terrific place to go to, with its natural, historic locations and picturesque destinations such as castles and Celtic ruins. And now with a big selection of remarkable traveller attractions, this makes Cornwall amongst the UK’s leading holiday destinations.

Cornwall Coastal Scenery

With its place at the far fringes of mainland Britain, this finger of land is juts into the wild Atlantic Sea and verged on its north eastern edge by the River Tamar, making it feel almost like an island of its own. This helps to provide Cornwall it’s own character and culture, and a real sense of pride and self-reliance in its people. It’s warmer in this wild west part of Great Britain. For that reason the Cornish peninsula boasts subtropical gardens which motivate and impress individuals. Its steep cliffs are natural attractions worth the trip alone.

All this makes Cornwall a unique and delightful holiday location for vacationers from the UK and numerous nations worldwide. it is routinely voted the UK’s top visitor place and for ver goo reason. It’s an amazingly spectacular destination with its own laid-back culture and wonderful environment.

Cornwall has rich Celtic heritage with great deals of standing stones and monoliths from its days as a remote place far away from English guideline. It is at Tintagel where the legend of King Arthur was born. And there are Celtic crosses and monoliths to check out everywhere.

Throughout the commercial transformation Cornwall became one of the nation’s essential places as its production of tin and clay were exported worldwide for the production of industrial products. The apparent details of tin mining engine residences are apparently all over and permanently linked with the county of Cornwall.

In spite of it’s commercial past, Cornwall remains an untainted and rural destination. There are still wild, wilderness areas and spectacular countryside to explore and farming stays a huge part of the economy right here. If you step far from the towns and villages, and hectic beaches, to discover the interior, you will find yourself in a landscape untouched by time and efficient and raw in its awesome charm. For those who like to get back to nature, campsites in Cornwall make great places to stay in some of the best scenic locations.

Rich Heritage but Modern and Progressive

It is a backwoods with a laid-back environment, you need to not be mistaken for thinking Cornwall is antique. Just recently Cornwall has actually undergone a little a revival and end up being a bit of a trendy place, with a large variety of trendy hotels, great dining facilities, art galleries, cool stores and hip bars, coffeehouse’s and dining facilities opening up in all corners of Cornwall. Star chef Rick Stein has actually stemmed the culinary revolution in Cornwall, now followed by other Michelin starred dining facilities and terrific restaurants up and down the county.

Newquay is among the main vacation places in Cornwall and is world-famous for the sport of surfing. The coastlines in Newquay and throughout Cornwall consistently produce fantastic waves to be enjoyed by all requirements of surfing. Together with kite surfing and other modern-day activities, surfing has actually helped to put Cornwall on the map as a stylish location to see and engage in all sort of experience pursuits.
Whatever you desire to do on vacation, Cornwall has something for everybody. From charming couples, to families with kids, to teen and student travelers to groups of friends, Cornwall is a superb location to visit for a very one-of-a-kind vacation.

Recently Cornwall has actually gone through a little a revival and end up being a little bit of a stylish place, with a large variety of trendy hotels, fine dining establishments, art galleries, cool shops and hip bars, coffee shop’s and dining establishments opening up in all corners of Cornwall. There are lots of exceptional places to remain in Cornwall whatever your budget or choice. There are great hotels, B&B s, self catering lodges and hundreds of vacation houses in Cornwall where you can discover and base yourselves for everything Cornwall has to offer. Cornwall holiday cottages are fun places to stay with buddies or family members.

Camping Holidays are Great for Families

Planning family holidays can be hard work. They take a lot of research to find the perfect solution for parents and children. It is necessary to make sure that all family members will enjoy the holiday that you are planning. This can be extremely difficult in case the kids are a combination of youngsters and teenagers, as they usually have different wants and needs when it comes to holidays. But it is possible to book a holiday that  holiday everyone will enjoy.

One great destination for family holidays in the UK is Cornwall. Regularly voted the best tourism destination in the country, Cornwall has lots to offer for young and old. There are loads of great sandy beaches, amazing coastal scenery and countryside to explore.

Traditionally Cornwall holidays involve long periods at the beach or a tour around the local area. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for families to choose from a wide range of holiday holiday types and experience based trips.

Countryside campsite cornwall

Choosing Your Campsite Accommodation

The first place to start when planning a trip to Cornwall, it is to find the ideal accommodation for your holiday. Holiday parks generally offer cheap and affordable deals for families for stays in holiday lodges and cabins. If you are travelling on a tight budget, another thing that you can consider is to go on camping trip and stay on a campsite in Cornwall. This is a great way to visit the area and a type of accommodation that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, especially young children who will enjoy the wide open spaces and the adventure of camping in tents.

There are many fantastic Cornwall campsites that you can choose from. These parks are located in beautiful areas on the coast or in the middle of the countryside, where you can get amazing views and reconnect with nature. This is especially important and therapeutic for visitors from large towns or cities. Many campsites have superb facilities with shower blocks, washing machines, on-site shops, playgrounds and other facilities to keep you amused during your stay.

Some campsites in Cornwall are small and quiet, while others are larger and have bars, restaurants and even clubs with regular entertainment for all the family. So you really can choose what type of holiday would suit you and your family.

Enjoy Family Activities & Attractions

If you can combine these facilities with on-site activities such as golf, tennis, skateboarding and swimming, you can be sure to experience a family holiday to remember. Aside from that, you can also do other great activities in Cornwall, including surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling or horse riding.

Plus there are many fantastic family attractions to visit in Cornwall. There are numerous museums, galleries, country houses and gardens to explore. Kids love the Eden Project with its huge biomes full of exotic plants, and educational exhibits. Then there are the funfairs and amusement parks such as Flambards and Crealy, which are hugely popular with families visiting Cornwall.

So with all the great places to stay and so many fantastic things to do, camping in Cornwall truly is a remarkable way to spend a summer holiday with your family. As well as being a more affordable alternative to hotels and self-catering accommodation, camping is great for family bonding and spending time together in the great outdoors.

When choosing where to stay and what to do on your holiday in Cornwall, it is important to consider what all family members want to get out of the holiday. Be sure to consult with them all and involve them in making the final decision. This is to ensure that everyone will enjoy the holiday. But whatever you decide, you will never regret choosing a family camping holiday in Cornwall.